Community Networking  Meeting on October 17, 2018

October 5, 2018 / Comments Off on Community Networking  Meeting on October 17, 2018


The Unity Centre Association for Black Cultures (UCABC) is pleased to invite you to join us and other like-minded individuals and organizations in exploring opportunities to work together to ensure that the needs, interests, and contributions of BC’s Black population are recognized and advanced. This meeting is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday October 17th at the Tommy Douglas Library in Burnaby.

UCABC is a registered not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to promote, unify, and integrate Black cultures within Canadian society. We advocate for:

  • preserving, and promoting the history, heritage, culture and diversity of Black Canadians, and other Black people and all individuals who associate with the cultures of the African Diaspora in Canadian society;
  • building awareness and educating the public about the differences that exist in the Black community in order to increase cultural understanding in British Columbia;
  • acknowledging and celebrating the significant contributions of Black Canadians in British Columbia and Canada at large; and,
  • supporting the integration of individuals and families into local communities.

Recognizing that there are a number of individuals and organizations with mandates to serve and be responsive to BC’s Black community, the purpose of the proposed meeting on October 17, 2018 is to facilitate a dialogue to network together, explore opportunities to support each other’s work, and to further partnerships to achieve mutual goals.

Advertise your upcoming event by bring any materials (flyers, posters, etc…) to leave on our events table.

We are hopeful that you share UCABC’s belief that strengthening our relationships will not only be mutually beneficial but will, most importantly, contribute to the vision we all share for a healthy, vibrant, and engaged Black community in British Columbia. We look forward to furthering this discussion with you in October.



Board of Directors

Unity Centre Association for Black Cultures